“Roof Painting Keeps Your Roof Cool” Is This True?

Do you live somewhere with scorching heat and hot summers? Painting your roof white or with darker colours can make a huge difference. “How?” – you may ask! Well, roof paints control the temperature of your home, save energy, and increase the lifespan of your roofs. That’s why we offer roof painting services to satisfy your needs and lower down your utility bills.

Here’s Why Painting Your Roofs Are Important

Think about it: during summer we prefer wearing light-coloured, soft clothes and reject the darker ones. Lighter colours reflect heat and help us to stay cool all day long. Similarly, white roofs have the same effect that benefits both the dwellers and the environment.

Now if you ask, which colour you must choose to protect your roof and side by side how to keep your home cool, we would suggest painting it WHITE.

If you have a dark roof, we will paint with a coating that has a higher solar reflectance index. Another important feature of the white roof is that it emits thermal heat maintaining a stable and cooler temperature inside your home.

White Roofs Can Save You Money

White roofs absorb lesser heat which makes the interior of your home stay cooler and reduces the need for an air cooler. Besides, they last as long as black roofs as they don’t absorb heat that can crack and warp them up.

Most construction materials are good conductors of heat. That means a room that directly faces heat from the top stays very hot. Thus, to cool it, air conditioners use a lot of energy to cool the surrounding.  “If your electricity bills are high and you have rooms that have ceilings that are exposed to the sun, then choosing the roof painting service can be beneficial.” – the words of professional roof painters.

Other Benefits Of Roof Painting

We use more durable and thick paint for roof painting. Other than keeping your home cool, painting provides other benefits as well:

  • You will experience no more roof leaks.

  • Your House Value Increases

  • Roof Life Increases

That’s it from our side! With these best features of roof painting services and the cost-benefit analysis, we are the first one to call to paint your roofs. All the best to you!

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