5 colors to stay away from vs. 5 colors to choose for the living room

Best Colors For Living Room in 2023

Best Colors For Living Room in 2023

Welcome to our fascinating blog, where we explore the world of interior design and take you on an eye-catching tour of your living room. Today, we cordially invite you to investigate the exquisite color palette that can turn your room into a breathtaking haven. Learn the five colors to avoid, as they may interfere with the intended ambiance. Do not be alarmed; we will reveal a collection of five radiant colors that can give life to your sanctuary. Join us as we reveal the techniques for designing a living room that exudes charm, beauty, and elegance. Enter a world where every color-brush stroke creates a masterpiece in the comfort of your own home.

5 colors to stay away from vs. 5 colors to choose for the living room

These are the colors that come with caution – so you can ensure your living room remains timeless, welcoming, and stylish for a long time to come.

The following five hues are never appropriate for use in living rooms. 

1. Brown

It is simple to understand the appeal of beige living rooms, but despite their safe versatility, some colors, including brown, are best left outside of your living room. 

Brown living rooms, according to designers, can “weigh you down” and give off a dingy vibe, especially if your room faces north, and keeping light in is a challenge. Instead, designers advise choosing a dark blue tone or something in dark teal if you prefer darker hues. Instead of adding dampness to the space, these colors will make your living room ideas appear bolder and more vibrant.

2. Blush Pink 

Blush Pink was initially one of the most popular colors of recent seasons, but designers believe that this formally fashionable color is inappropriate for what is arguably the most significant room in the house. 

Blush pink living room ideas may be delicate and serene, but they are a big no-no for the living room. It might make your living room appear too feminine, which is not a good choice over time, the expert says. 

Blush pinks may work in your living room if you’re going for a particularly feminine-chic look, but as the designer advises, they should be used with caution.

3. Black 

While a hint of black is not always a bad choice, designers warn that “too much can definitely make your space feel overwhelming and intimidating.” Don’t paint your entire living room in black unless you have the size and space for it. It may also give your room a gloomy, lifeless feeling.

4. Moss Green 

Just as pink sat at the peak of recent color ideas, green was equally sought-after when it comes to living room trends as one of the best colors for a living room if you are looking for a relaxing scheme.

According to interior designers, hues like moss green, sage green, muddy brown, and aubergine will not be aesthetically pleasing.. The designer shares that her recent client shared that mossy greens and sage make her feel like she’s in a ‘dirty aquarium’, just like muddy brown. 

It does give the impression that the living room hasn’t been cleaned in over a year. I have it on good authority that the aborigine paint gives people headaches and is in no way welcoming. 

5. Yellow 

Yellow should definitely not be used in the living room, according to Nishtha. The designer claims that this color can “overexcite and overwhelm you” and leave your space feeling uncurated. So, a big no,” she continues. Despite the fact that this color may seem upbeat, it may be wise to experiment with it in areas other than your primary living area.

The top five colors for painting a living room.

  1. Soft Grey

The color soft grey is a sophisticated and adaptable choice for a living room. Its undertones are neutral and offer a classic backdrop that goes with many different types of decor. Gray’s understated nature makes it easy for other accents and colors to stand out, making it simple to alter the room’s aesthetic with various accessories. Gray promotes tranquility and balance by fostering a sense of calm. Soft grey adds a sophisticated touch to the living room, encouraging relaxation and a harmonious atmosphere whether it is combined with cool or warm tones.

2. Light Blue:

A living room can be made peaceful and tranquil by using the color light blue. It creates a cool, peaceful atmosphere by conjuring up images of clear skies or the calming power of water. Light blue can encourage relaxation and stress relief by having a calming effect on the mind. It complements a wide range of hues, from pastels to neutrals, giving decor options flexibility. Light blue, whether used as an accent color or on the walls, can make your living room feel like a tranquil haven.

3. Warm Beige:

Inviting and timeless, warm beige gives a living room a little extra coziness and warmth. It produces a plain background that goes well with different furniture designs and accent colors. Beige has a calming and comforting effect that gives the living room a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. It’s a versatile color that complements both conventional and contemporary designs. Warm beige is a popular choice for living rooms because it adds a sense of balance and comfort to the space, whether it is combined with deep jewel tones or gentle pastels.

4. Pale Green:

Pale green is a vibrant and airy living room color choice. It creates a calm and revitalizing atmosphere by bringing a bit of nature indoors. Pale green is the perfect color for designing a tranquil retreat because of how soft it is and how it fosters a feeling of peace and serenity. It has a light, airy feel that can amplify the space and openness of a living room. Pale green adds a calming and revitalizing element to the room whether it is used as an accent or as the primary colour.

5. Soft Lavender:

Soft lavender is a chic and sophisticated color that gives a living room a subdued pop of color. It exudes grace and tranquility, resulting in a restful and elegant atmosphere. Lavender encourages calmness and relaxation, making it a great choice for a living room where you want to relax and unwind. Its delicate color offers a variety of styling options because it goes well with neutrals and pastels. The subtle addition of soft lavender elevates the overall aesthetic and fosters a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

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